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Polina Butsyk: Sounds of Speech and the Tiger’s Roar

Polina Butsyk, „Sounds of Speech and the Tiger’s Roar: Two Ways of Perceiving Vocal Music in Tibet in the 13th–17th Centuries“, in: New Currents on the Neva River. Papers Presented at the 5th International Semianr of Young Tibetologists, edited by Franz Xaver Erhard, Natalia Moskaleva, Daniel Wohjan, Jed Forman, and Maria Smirnova. Vol. 3, edition tethys: wissenschaft/science. Potsdam: edition tethys, 2020, pp. 15-34.

Polina Butsyk, St. Petersburg University

Hardcover available here / Das Buch im Ganzen hier…

DOI: 10.36201/tethys.science.3.03

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