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Marching into View: the Tibetan Army in Historic Photographs (1895-1959) // by Alice Travers

edition-tethys: wissenschaft Bd. 5 / science Vol. 5

Hardcover, 209 Pages
167 historical colour and b/w photographs

Inhalt / Contents: ToC Tibet Army_2022

45 Euro (+ shipping)
Lieferbar ab / Available for delivery from: 01.07.2022
Bestellungen direkt an / mail to: loy(at)edition-tethys.org
oder über den Buchhandel / can be ordered via bookshops
ISBN: 978-3-942527-14-9


This volume sheds light on Tibet’s military in the modern era prior to 1959 by utilising archival photographs from various intrernational and private collections.
This publication is issued in conjunction with the travelling exhibition „Marching into View: the Tibetan Army in Historic Photographs (1895-1959); first shown from 4-10 July 2022, at the University of Prague (Czech Republic) during the 16th Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies.

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